Buying Martech in 2022 and Beyond

Most B2B marketers have put buying new software on hold.

Whether your budget was cut or your CFO is scrutinizing your purchasing decision (maybe both), it’s real tough to get internal approval in a down economy right now.

That’s why we’ve asked a seasoned salesperson to help us get to grips with these changes and what could be around the corner.

Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, is joined by Kevin Young, Senior Director of Sales at Metadata, to discuss his career before Metadata, selling Martech in 2022 and why 90% of sales is purely luck and timing.

Find out:

  • How selling Martech has changed
  • Why brands should have strong relationships with their salespeople
  • How to create better interactions with prospects

For more Martech insight, advice, and predictions from Kevin, tune in to the full episode.

Three top takeaways:

Takeaway 1: Real conversations work

Kevin says it’s important to have real, friendly interactions with prospects. That way, they won’t be put off or frustrated by your communications.

Even if a prospect asks you to “get back to them in a few weeks”, ask them if you can get in touch with any important updates in the meantime. Kevin says that he rarely encounters people saying ‘no’ to that.

Don’t trick or trap people into taking calls with you. That just leaves a sour taste. Having genuine conversations and providing value is what keeps prospects on your side.

Takeaway 2: Surface-level problems aren’t the full story

If a prospect says to you that they aren’t getting enough leads, that’s rarely the full story.

Kevin suggests asking questions to get to the bottom of why this is. Follow-up questions let you get to the root of issues and make you more likely to solve your prospect’s problems.

Takeaway 3: Transparency from sales teams is key

Marketers can feel like salespeople are backing them into a corner. But honest conversations and transparency are key to preventing this.

One awesome silver lining from the past two years, with COVID and the recession, has been that salespeople have become much more transparent. They’ve had no other choice.

Kevin says the people who are performing best right now are the ones having transparent, open conversations. We suggest taking his advice.

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