Buying Software Is Broken (and What You Can Do To Fix It)

Buying B2B software can be such a pain. Many companies require you to book a demo and speak to multiple people, only to be asked the same questions you’ve already answered!

To put it simply, buying B2B software is broken.

In this episode of Demand Gen U, Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, is joined by special guest Sam Senior, co-founder and CEO of TestBox, to discuss how to fix buying B2B software.

Sam explains why he started TestBox, how and why B2B companies should ungate their products and which software categories are ripe for TestBox’s processes.

Find out:

  • How TestBox are flying the flag for customer-led buying experiences
  • How sellers can adapt to the new buyer
  • What the modern buyer really wants

Top three takeaways:

Takeaway 1: Ways sellers can adapt to the ‘new buyer’

Identify how particular segments of your customer base want to interact with and purchase from you. That way you can customize their experiences.

Sam says it’s crucial to find ways to market specific parts of your go-to-market to the correct segments of your buyer base. Ensure your messaging is in line with that too.

Takeaway 2: What changes in customers mean for gating content

Marketers have been shifting from gating content to ungating content. But why is this?

Sam thinks B2B marketers gated their products because they were marketing to an uneducated customer base who needed a lot of help!

Nowadays, customers are often younger, super-educated and have been using software for a long time.

Takeaway 3: The modern buyer wants this

Buyers are looking for you to showcase things they couldn’t discover themselves, alleviate their pain points and, basically, not stuff up!

People enter the buying stage with more knowledge than they used to. Therefore it’s important to be clear and find the most effective way to sell the products you pride yourself on.

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