Welcome to Demand Gen U

If you’re in demand gen or growth marketing, you probably have the same problems as us.

  • You’re on the hook for more pipeline.
  • You need to generate even more than you already are generating this quarter.
  • And you’re not sure what’s working and what’s not.

Oh, and you need a 30,000-foot view of your campaigns.

It’s tough.

And there are a lot more problems to solve than just pipeline.

Like, how to do a lot with a little when you’ve got small teams and small budgets. Which role to hire for next, where to focus your time, building a good culture and becoming a better manager.

There’s no easy way to learn this stuff

So by now, you’ve probably found out that there’s no easy way to learn all this stuff.

You didn’t learn it in college. LinkedIn “influencers” often just share their wins, not their failures or frameworks that you can apply in your own situation. And then most articles and podcasts aren’t actionable or practical enough to help you right now.

What you’ll learn

We’re making a show that we wish existed when we first started out. Jason Widup, our VP of Marketing here at Metadata, will be bringing all his experience in ops, technology, and analytics to our podcast. And Mark Huber, our Head of Brand & Product Marketing, will be coming at this from the brand and content side of things.

We nerd out over this stuff and we noticed that most of the B2B marketing podcasts out there are just way too fluffy.

In each episode, we’re going to go deep on one topic.

Sometimes it’ll be Jason and Mark, sometimes it’ll be other faces that Metadata, and sometimes there’ll be other B2B marketers in our network.

We want to give you thoughts, frameworks, successes, and failures so that you can take actionable things away from this podcast and become a better marketer.

We don’t have all the answers. And we’re right there in the same class with you. This show will help you learn what’s really worked for us and how you can apply it at your own company.

Know you’re not alone as you keep learning and solving B2B marketing problems.

What’s next?

You can subscribe to this podcast on your favorite platform. So you automatically get new episodes. And make sure to follow us both on LinkedIn so you can ask questions and you can request topics.

And we’d really love for you to share this show with anyone who you think it might help.

Thanks so much for listening. We’re packing our bags. We got our lunch ready. We’re laying out our clothes. We’re ready for the first day of class.

We’ll see you all there.

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