Growth that works: a 4-part framework for SaaS Marketing

We had a great conversation with CEO Brendan Hufford from Growth Sprints.

Growth Spirits uses a SaaS growth sprint framework that assists SaaS companies in scaling their annual recurring revenue from $10 million to $100 million by implementing targeted marketing sprints that boost revenue from Google.

Brendan took the time to talk with us about his framework and how it helps SaaS companies grow faster. 

These are a few of the top takeaways from our conversation with Brendan.

You cannot re-purpose something that had no purpose to begin with.

Everyone wants to repurpose for the sake of constant and consistent content creation.

We often think everything with our marketing is boring and cannot be revived, but it’s because we don’t take enough time to make something meaningful.

Think of Ryan Holiday: he made a business out of repurposing what the Stoics wrote about during the Roman Empire and giving it a fresh modern-day take. 

You don’t have to keep repurposing, you can create timeless content without reinventing the wheel.

Your community does not equal audience

It’s important to know the difference. We hear the term “communities” so frequently that it becomes misrepresented. Audiences, where you help your audience. 

They come to you for help. Communities help each other. You can create a space for your audience to build a community.

Getting people involved is key. Don’t promo people away. Engage, interact, ask questions. You can create a paid or free community. 

Either way, you must lead the community by interacting and engaging. Make sure people are inspired to contribute and you’re reaching out consistently.

You can use this 4-step framework for customer acquisition.

  1. Community-led marketing: Don’t forget about the previous tip. Building a community takes time and energy – put in what you want to get out.
  2. Revenue-Focused Content: Target in-market audience using Growth Spirits’ “3S” strategy: sales, success, and support.
  3. Demand-Focused Content: Build massive brand awareness, attributable customer generation, and a talent pipeline waiting for positions to open up.
  4. Authority-Building: Establishing your online authority extends well beyond digital PR, influencing, and link-building. We can act as journalists and cultivate our expertise.

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