Optimizing Campaigns with Generative AI

We’re hearing a lot of “do more with less” but do less better, which seems impossible.

We recently released our 2023 benchmark report and we saw that even in a down economy, marketers are spending more. Or spent more in this past year than they did in 2022.

Generative AI has endless opportunities that marketers can harness and make their work more effective and more targeted when dollars are at stake.

We had the pleasure of talking to Jill Fredius from Writer, an enterprise AI full-stack platform to drive growth across all teams. Here were some of her big takeaways on how to leverage AI to work smarter, not harder.

Big Takeaways:

It IS possible to do more with less by leveraging generative AI.

So much is possible with generative AI, it makes the adage “less is more” feasible. It’s not only the productivity gains but we’re seeing a focus on doing webinars, creating events, and running podcasts, creating blog posts —  more potential for content. 

It’s also driving engagement and performance. It’s been a huge time saver and driven massive productivity gains across B2B marketing teams.

You can’t take humans out of the equation

There’s a common fear that AI will entirely replace jobs, but that’s not true. We need humans to make generative AI more effective than solely relying on generative AI. 

Human input is essential to make generative AI more successful. Discover why you can’t take people out of the equation when it comes to making generative AI work.

It’s easier to optimize while delegating smaller tasks to focus on big-picture ideas. If you want to grow your team or you want to improve your performance, it’s a great way to optimize the manual task and focus on a more strategic level of marketing.

Use case heatmap with these 5 key intelligence capabilities.

There are five key intelligences that we’ve been talking about with our customers for generative AI. 

Creating works as an umbrella for content. The next intelligences are repurposing, research, analyzing content, and transformations.

It’s recommended you work backward from your workflows and understand across all of our subdivisions within marketing what content is being produced, what’s the workflow and what needs to be automated.

Don’t just take our word for it

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