Webinar Recording - 6/17/21

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Everything you need to know about the next tactic you should experiment with.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

B2B marketers like us are always chasing the newest shiny object.

ABM platforms. Intent data. Clubhouse, your 15 minutes ran out a LONG time ago.

But every once in a while, a shiny new object like LinkedIn Conversation Ads comes along and is actually worth the hype.

We’re covering what you need to know about LinkedIn Conversation Ads and why every B2B marketer is missing out if they aren’t experimenting with them.

The speakers will share how to deliver good LinkedIn Conversation Ads, how they’re seeing success with LinkedIn Conversation Ads today, and give away three campaigns you can implement tomorrow.

Meet the speakers

Maurice Maxwell
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, LaunchDarkly
Silvio Perez
Head of Ad Ops, Metadata.io (former customer)
Chris Ebhogiaye
Growth Marketing Manager, Labelbox

Silvio Perez

Head of Ad Ops, Metadata.io (former customer)

“We’ve generated 300+ demo requests and have found the percentage of new leads generated from conversation ads that convert into SQO’s to be among our highest converting channels.”

Still not sure what LinkedIn Conversation Ads are?

Why We Decided To Go All-in on LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads
metadata.io Awarded “Innovator of the Year” at LinkedIn Marketing Partner Awards

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