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Personalizing The Buying Journey

Check out this open discussion with Metadata about personalizing the B2B buying journey, getting more from existing site traffic, and the recent acquisition of Reactful.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why personalizing the buying journey is a path marketing success
  • How Reactful and Metadata work better together for you
  • Answers to your key questions - we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A with Gil, Jason, Leifur, and Safa

Reactful is a platform that automates the process of delivering personalized website and landing page experiences to your prospects and customers.

We’re pumped to bring this type of personalization technology into Metadata as we build out the operating system for B2B marketers. Metadata customers will be able to convert more of their hard-earned traffic and drive a deeper level of engagement with key visitors.

Whether you’re a customer or just wanting to learn more, this town hall is an honest conversation with tons of time to ask anything and everything on your B2B marketing mind.

Meet the speakers

Gil Allouche

Gil Allouche

Founder, Metadata

Jason Widup

VP, Marketing, Metadata

Leifur Thordarson

CEO, Reactful powered by Metadata

Safa Scott

Head of Personalization, Reactful powered by Metadata
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Get more familiar with Reactful, powered by Metadata

metadata acquires reactful press release
Metadata Acquires Reactful to Help B2B Marketers Convert Existing Site Traffic to Revenue

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