We’re Personalizing the Buyer Journey As We Continue Building the Marketing OS

Gil Allouche
Gil Allouche

Today we announce Metadata has acquired Reactful, a real-time web personalization and optimization platform for B2B marketers. 

Metadata is on a mission to build the first operating system for B2B marketers, and Reactful is the perfect technology to help us get there.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of personalizing the buying journey from end to end. 

It’s not enough to get traffic to your website anymore. You need to identify each visitor and give them content that meets them where they are in the buyer journey. 

Imagine identifying a prospect as a customer – would you want to change the website from ‘closing’ to ‘up-selling’ or ‘activating’ a customer?

Imagine welcoming an anonymous visitor not only based on their company name but their job title, seniority, and industry. Automatically promoting case studies from their industry peers. When you do this, you can convert visitors, drive more revenue, and increase product activation.

Now, Metadata customers can give their website visitors an end-to-end personalized experience and optimize every stage of the buyer journey – from clicking on the ad to visiting the website to buying and using the product.

What does this mean for Metadata customers?

With this acquisition, we expand our capabilities as we continue to build the Marketing OS for B2B.

  • Metadata campaigns will have better ROI: You won’t have to create new landing pages for every campaign. You can customize and auto-personalize your existing landing pages so they’re meant for each buyer – with no changes to your site and zero coding.
  • Run end-to-end full-funnel ABM programs: With our new site insights pixel, you’ll fully understand target account engagement on your website at the buyer level. You can personalize that experience and augment your programs with highly targeted ads.
  • Give prospects and customers the best website experience: Make sure your visitors always get the right content at the right time. You’ll be able to personalize dynamic ads, chatbots, and forms for every audience segment that visits your website.

Eliminate manual work through AI and automation

The quicker you automate your manual and repetitive tasks, the quicker you can turn your focus toward driving more revenue.  If you embrace and harness the power of AI you’ll become more productive, spend more time doing high-value work and drive better results. And you’ll be the one who gets promoted to grow your company.

This is where AI can eliminate manual work while improving performance:

AI can launch thousands of campaign experiments in minutes. AI can apply new learnings to your marketing immediately. AI can increase your team’s capacity without adding a single additional person to your team. Leverage it not only for insights, but for action.

We started with paid campaigns. We’re adding website personalization. And we’re not stopping there either. 

Metadata will sit at the center of your tech stack, coordinating all of the activities, insights, and integrations needed to drive revenue – with massive scale and efficiencies.

The next step toward the Marketing OS

With this acquisition, we’ll be able to expand our offering beyond paid advertising, and give B2B marketers more ways to drive revenue while eliminating manual, technical, and mundane tasks.

I’m so excited to take this next step in our journey to truly disrupt B2B marketing. 


What is Reactful?

Reactful is a website personalization engine that automates the process of delivering personalized website and landing page experiences. For B2B marketers, this means targeting high-value prospects, partners, and customers, with relevant and dynamic experiences at the right time.

Why did Metadata acquire Reactful?

Reactful has solid technology that will help Metadata customers focus on making every visit count by increasing engagement and optimizing conversions of their hard-earned traffic.

With this acquisition, Metadata is adding a new core pillar of our Marketing OS: personalization and website capabilities. This expands our offering beyond paid advertising, giving B2B marketers more ways to drive revenue while reducing manual work and tasks.

How will current Metadata customers buy Reactful?

Existing Metadata customers can contact their account manager for more information on buying Reactful. 

What is the overall product vision? 

Our product team is hard at work building the roadmap to fully integrate Reactful into the Metadata platform — the value we can deliver together is greater than the sum of our parts.

While we won’t give too much away, our goal is to expedite landing page variant creation, use Reactful’s website analytics in Metadata’s proprietary Optimizer, and create playbooks that will automate the entire buyer’s journey B2B marketers can enable with one click.

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