See what’s under the hood

You shouldn’t have to wait until the third “discovery” call to see the product.

The “request a demo” process is broken

You go to the vendor’s website. It’s difficult to figure out what they actually do because their website copy is littered with buzzwords. And then you fill out a form (or chatbot) to book your demo

Usually, you’re routed to an SDR. Then an AE. And they ask you the same questions twice. You’ve now had two calls and you still haven’t gotten anywhere yet.

Get a product tour without having to talk with Sales

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You did your research. You saw enough social proof. And you want to see the real thing.

Why other B2B marketers like you use Metadata

From tons of interviews. Even more call recordings. And in their words, not ours.
Makes it easier for me to launch paid campaigns
Shows me whether my ad spend actually drives pipeline and revenue
Builds high-quality audiences without forcing me to buy other tools
Enriches leads from my paid campaigns with better business data
Gives me new ways to find my audience on Facebook and LinkedIn
Saves me from having to log into multiple tools to do the same thing

Katie Stuart

Senior Director, Demand Generation, BigID

“I don’t go in and check how my campaigns are doing every single day, change budgets or turn things on and off. Having a dedicated tool to help me with those types of things so we could focus on the targeting and creative updates was very enticing to me.”

Don’t just take our word for it

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Experiment to revenue

Running campaign experiments takes a lot of time and work. That's why we built Metadata.