6 months of Metadata, San Francisco, and finishing Praxis

Gil Allouche

Dec 18, 2017

6 months ago I was arriving in San Francisco, finishing the Praxis bootcamp, and starting my apprenticeship at Metadata.

Now I’ve changed positions in the company, finished the program, and I feel (almost) at home in SF.

It’s been a crazy and fun ride.

At the same time that I’m happy with my evolution, I can’t help but cringe at how naive I was at that time.

I joined the company to split my time 50/50 between Sales and Customer Success.

A month in, priorities changed and I went full-time into Sales.

In four months, I went from a team of 3 salespeople, to being the only salesperson, to onboarding two new hires.

5 months into the company, I split my time again, now between Sales and Advertising Operations.

And as I completed my 6 months, I went full-time into Ad Ops.

Although sometimes chaotic, these changes allowed me to interact with and contribute to pretty much every facet of the company.

When you’re involved with the whole customer journey – from first talking to them, to showing them your value, to working with them to implement a successful ABM strategy – you see how real all this is.

Real companies, real people, real money being saved, and real value being created for all of us.

Talking about real, what’s also real is the rollercoaster.

Working at a startup is an experience like no other.

You need to learn fast, or you can’t keep up. You need to take ownership, or things don’t move. You need to prioritize, or you’ll drop the ball.

If it weren’t for Moran, one of our founders and my INCREDIBLE boss (I’m not being paid to say that!), as well as my Praxis advisors and peers, I’d have screwed up many more times than I’d like to admit.

This experience gives you a few headaches and poorly slept nights, but also gives you lots of fun, personal/professional growth, and satisfaction.

In 6 months, so many things changed. Our team, our platform, my confidence, my skills…

What didn’t change was how much Moran and Gil, our CEO, looked after and supported us.

We saw amazing results from that effort. From renewals with big customers such as Nutanix, Ping

Identity, and MuleSoft, to all hands in the trenches during tough months trying to figure out a predictable sales process.

Not gonna lie – keeping up my own growth with the company’s is very daunting, but I’m also way too excited for it.

We’re building something great, and it’s amazing to be a part of it.

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