Best Summer Everrrrr

Gil Allouche

Nov 10, 2017

At the beginning of my intern search, I started out in seek of a corporate internship at a large enterprise – where I would be placed with other interns and tasked with guided work. During my search, my aunt referred me to Gil, the CEO of, due to my interest in marketing. I jumped at the opportunity to work at a startup but did not know what to expect. I took the opportunity to spend my summer working at, which ended up being an amazing decision.

The office is the size of a small classroom, there are as many employees as I imagined there being in my intern group at an enterprise, and even though it was a bit cramped, we made it work. The major benefit of working in a small team means you are able to connect with coworkers and never feel intimidated to ask questions. On top of this, everyone was open to my input because the team is small and each person’s contributions can make or break the success. This also means that everyone is very busy. I quickly learned to be assertive when it came to asking for help on assigned tasks because there isn’t someone assigned to manage the work. By being unsupervised, I gained autonomy and independence working by myself and keeping myself accountable. This internship experience was self-guided, so I could decide what I wanted to work on and what interested me the most. I ended up owning’s social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) – check them out, they are really insightful if I do say so myself.

I can’t say that the experience at gave me a clear idea of what experiences in my career I am looking to pursue next. I had some inkling that I wanted to be a marketer but that is such an umbrella term that I was still a bit lost. As time passed and I got used to my position at the company, my main responsibilities were to write creative briefs for ReFuel4, managing the company’s social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and working on the help center for the self-service platform. It was a lot of hard work and I learned a great deal about ABM and B2B marketing during my three months at the company. I got real experience and the work I did for mattered.

The first two weeks, I read so many articles about ABM and B2B marketing strategies that I almost became overwhelmed by all the new information I was digesting. However, I was able to navigate through a vast amount of information and picked articles that helped me understand the process to address my own questions. I gained valuable research skills that can be utilized and built upon as I enter the workforce upon graduation. The company is a big believer of the motto “work hard and play hard”. About once a month, a company event was organized and it was a fun time to forget about the million tasks everyone had at the office and just socialize. My favorite memory was going to SPIN: Ping Pong Social Club. We just ordered a bunch of food and drinks while playing an hour of ping pong. It was super laid back and everyone got to talk and play. Metadata is not only a place where hard work is done day in and day out but a place where you can connect and laugh with your fellow coworker.

The culture at is truly unique and I am more motivated than ever to complete my undergrad education and pursue an MBA in marketing. The opportunities and connections that were provided to me at Metadata will be an asset throughout my career.

Fast forward to present day, I am still working on their social platforms and will resume work on the help center for’s self-service platform in the coming weeks. I am so excited to see where the future of goes and to continue my involvement.


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