Find Out Why Metadata Says A/B Testing is Dead at MarTech 2018

Gil Allouche

Oct 01, 2018

This week we’ve landed on the East Coast for MarTech 2018. The event runs through tomorrow, October 3rd at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. MarTech offers an exhaustive education program focused on the convergence of marketing, technology and management.

We look forward to meeting and reconnecting with marketing leaders who are navigating modern marketing strategies, technology and tactics – and talking about the major challenges and solutions.


Most of all, we’re excited to talk to our MarTech peers about the death of A/B testing.


This statement might be a little shocking to marketers who are still practicing A/B testing, but we’ve found that AI-based technology yields far better outcomes.

Companies that use machine learning in place of A/B testing can run literally hundreds of campaign experiments at once, leading to more accurate audience targeting that marketing professionals can leverage to drive desired sales leads.

If you are attending MarTech, our team will be at our booth (#63) sharing how multivariate testing isn’t just hype, but a proven method for achieving optimized states. The next-generation of technology is here today, and a growing number of marketers are now driving insane results for demand generation campaigns.

Additionally, Gil (our CEO) and Peter (ABM Practitioner @ Tipalti) will present a powerful customer use case on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9 a.m. EST, along with Peter Tarrant, ABM Manager at Tipalti. Together, they’ll share insights into the future of AI in B2B paid marketing during the following session:


AI in Marketing: It’s Not Just for Analytics Anymore


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have long been applied to marketing in areas such as search, recommendation engines, speech recognition, and business intelligence/ forecasting. Now, CMOs are taking AI a step further, using it to conduct massive multivariate tests and execute marketing campaigns at an unprecedented scale. The result is a more predictable and scalable flow of leads from target accounts. You won’t want to miss Tarrant’s insights into Tipalti’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale demand generation and fuel Tipalti’s account-based marketing program.

Are you attending MarTech? We hope you can make it to the presentation or stop by booth #63 to say hi and chat about machine learning for marketing – and the inevitable death of A/B testing.

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