How Machine Learning Will Be Used for Account Based Marketing in 2018

Gil Allouche

Dec 06, 2017

When you’re building a legacy with your business, you learn how to ask the right questions, like why is machine learning the future of marketing and how does machine learning improve account targeting

You don’t always know the answers but you’re in a race to find out. You’re beyond the “rat race” because that paradigm, along with account-based marketing, is broken. But the machines? They’ve just been born and they’re learning like whoa. Here’s how machine learning will be used for account based marketing in 2018:


1. Unsupervised learning will provide high-level insights

It seems contradictory: Why would you want unsupervised learning to happen – especially with machines that were just…born? A situation like this is akin to having kindergarteners running around without an adult. Milk will get spilled, crying will occur, and someone will get hurt. But here’s the thing: instead of the teacher or parent telling the kids what to do and getting frustrated (aka Account-Based Marketing), they transcend all interactions to become one step removed.

When you watch the kids from afar, you can conduct a psychological experiment to see what happens when no one is around. The kids have no restraints, and they’ll do things they never considered before with adults around (maybe they’ll even steal zebras from the zoo!). Even though this is exciting, it’s illegal in-real-life because they’re, well, kids. The good news is that we don’t have to worry as much about unsupervised machines.

Here’s why: The lack of supervision leads to a bigger pile of data that tells you more than what you already know. Instead of telling a machine (or the kids) to look for X (supervised learning), you can ask the machines to examine a big pile of data to see what’s happening from a higher level. Machine learning allows software to cluster and analyze the scope of an industry (or situation) and it keeps it simple.

Simplicity saves time and maintains your sanity.


2. Everything will become integrated

Let’s face it: Account-based marketing drives customization and personalization, but these tactics sometimes distract you from the big picture. Account-based targeting works in a way that seems holistic and high-level, but the truth is that the lives of your customers become compartmentalized without context. While you may have an idea of your customer based on that snazzy buyer persona document, these tools don’t integrate the true essence of who you’re trying to target.

With machine learning, you understand the nuances of what it means to be human. Yes, you read that last sentence right, and while it may seem scary, it’s a huge opportunity. Here’s why: Let’s say that you’re targeting CMO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Job titles matter but without more meaning, the information is static. But here’s where it gets exciting: A machine learning system may find that many CMO’s are Metallica fans who bought a book on meditation one month before signing a contract. Using this info, you can send Metallica tickets to your potential customer. (Disclaimer: The creepiness factor is there so please use caution).

When hard metal meets machine metal (learning), humanity requires a leap of faith. We’ve reached the threshold of where machines can make decisions differently than humans, and it’s up to us how far we want to go.  

Machine learning allows you to know more about that CXO so that your business can grow CLICK TO TWEET


3. Technology will become more accessible

One of the major hurdles to machine learning is that it takes time to learn a new system.  But the technology that’s available today is surpassing human interaction in ways that make it more accessible than ever (and borderline scary). But it’s all going to be ok because we’re still in control (as of right now).

The tools to tinker are getting an upgrade, and we’re just getting started.

Amazon has a new machine learning service called SageMaker that allows developers to build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale. Deep Lens is the world’s first deep learning enabled video camera for developers, which is used to expand deep learning skills. Deep learning is powerful with problem-solving, not just for developers but for B2B marketers who want to win new business.


Machine learning is the future of marketing. Get started today.

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