30 Good-Looking Account Based Pros – Free – Feb 2

Gil Allouche

Jan 29, 2017

Come, see Metadata along with 29 of biggest brains in Account Based everything on Feb 2, 2017.  We’ll be participating in InsideSales Virtual Workshopthis Thursday. You’ll also find experts from Hubspot, Salesforce, Engagio, and many others.  

Register for free here.

This is just a sampling of the topics we’ll cover:

Account Based Marketing

  • How to Get Started

  • Alignment

  • Integrating ABM in Your Current Plan

  • ABM Pipelines

  • ABM Company Collaboration

  • Budgeting for ABM Revenues

  • How to Measure ABM

Account Based Sales

  • How to Measure ABS

  • Running an ABS Pilot

  • Spotting Perfect Accounts and Contracts

  • Effective Outreach

  • Social Media and ABS

  • Winning Sale Cadences

  • Defining a Structured Qualification process

  • Must Have Tech for ABS

Account Based Closing

  • How to Perform a Needs Analysis

  • Delivering a Perfect Sales Demo

  • Build and Execute a Value Assessment

  • Methods to Overcome Objections

  • Managing Your Pipeline

Account Based Customer Service

  • The Role of Customer Success

  • Best Practices for Customer Success

  • 5 Specific Customer Success Strategies


After you register, you can listen live, pop in and out of sessions and access recordings at any time throughout the day.

This will most likely be the only online InsideSales event for 2017. So sign up now for free to watch us live.

Follow #AccountBased on social media and join the conversation.

We hope to see you Thursday!

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