“Mommy, Where Do Leads Come From?” The Origins of a MQL.

Gil Allouche

Apr 24, 2017

When anyone mentions “B2B Marketing” it’s almost always synonymous with Demand Gen. It usually involves talk of Hubspot or Marketo, Salesforce, qualified leads, nurturing, scoring or even Sales Development Reps.

But where do those leads come from in the first place? Hubspot or Marketo don’t just supply you with a ton of leads when you sign up for their platform.

Well, when you work with Metadata, we easily find you new leads with our predictive marketing tech-stack.

However, if you’re not using any type of predictive technologies or Account-Based Marketing providers, you’ll have to find leads the old fashion way: Social Sites, Display Networks, Search Engines, Partnerships, or Off-Site Content.

StraightNorth put together a great infographic on digital Lead Gen for B2B and B2C.

Take a look and see if you can identify any holes in your acquisition strategy.

Where are your leads born?

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