Manual Tasks are Killing Demand Generation! Here’s What we are Doing About it

Gil Allouche

Mar 28, 2019

Today’s B2B marketing departments are lean and mean. The general feedback that we get from our customers is that the high-volume manual tasks required for digital advertising campaigns, even with automation platforms, are effectively killing demand generation. 

We have great news!

We’ve taken a HUGE step forward in freeing ALL B2B marketers from tiring, mundane tasks while helping them better target and obtain leads that drive sales and growth. CMOs will be relieved to see more qualified leads coming in, and B2B marketers will be free to focus on strategy and creative assets.

How is this possible?

Through AI, of course! We see account-based marketing becoming the de facto standard for B2B marketing and we use it to make B2B account-based advertising more automatic and value driven.

To support the B2B marketing industry-at-large we launched our “Account-based Advertising,” platform that leverages the power of AI to optimize marketing campaigns at a scale not humanly possible. We are stepping up in a big way to free B2B marketers from mundane tasks and drive massive value to their sales pipeline (with the tools that can help you prove it!).

Account-based Advertising is fully outlined in a brand-new paper that is now available for download. Get it here.

How AI Changes Account-based Advertising

AI-powered Account-based Advertising represents the undeniable future of B2B digital advertising that automatically optimizes, executes and builds pipeline at scale. It provides predictable ROI for B2B digital advertising through the use of artificial intelligence, by automatically performing precise targeting, pretargeting, and multivariate testing, and campaign execution at a rate and scope not possible by humans.

Automatic Account-based Advertising platforms become the marketing operations “superbrain,” capable of performing thousands of iterative tasks in minutes, and instantly using campaign learnings to refine and improve all aspects of digital marketing and advertising.

In conjunction with this new approach to digital advertising, we also announced the incredible product updates  in Q1.

Look forward to advancing your campaigns with the following:

Salesforce Pipeline Attribution

Metadata now pulls Salesforce data into its new pipeline attribution engine based on opportunities influenced or directly generated by digital advertising and automatically calculates the exact value of account-based advertising campaigns, as well as cost-per-lead. The platform provides B2B marketers with a single-view ROI dashboard of full-funnel and cross-functional sales and marketing operations, and consolidates activity from various sources and pipeline stages by target account, providing huge time-savings when analyzing sales and marketing data for planning and decision making.

Custom Audiences from Marketo, Salesforce and Hubspot

Now marketing teams can automatically identify and engage existing contacts, then re-engage leads that may be stale or require additional activity.

Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Video Ads

Metadata now automatically runs ads on Instagram (as part of Facebook campaigns) and LinkedIn Video Ads, expanding account-based advertising reach capabilities.

AI-Context Activity Logs

Metadata takes the mystery out of AI with new AI-Context Activity Logs that provide easy-to-understand visibility into machine-learning optimization activities in real time. Teams now have context into the “how” and “why” AI manages operations and optimizes campaigns.

Metadata Open APIs

Metadata Open API allows clients to download, act and integrate every converted lead from applications outside of HubSpot, Marketo or Salesforce. This allows all converted leads from Metadata, regardless of source, to be integrated into a company’s primary contact/lead database.

Multivariate Experimentation Analytics

Metadata’s new multivariate experimentation analytics allows customers to see exactly how AI is optimizing campaigns and what experiments are taking place. This provides teams with better understanding, in real time, of what is working and what is not working when conducting multivariate experiments in the hundreds or thousands.  

Human Verified Enrichment

Every lead that opts-in through a Metadata campaign is automatically enriched under human supervision to ensure high-quality data coming in through the CRM.

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