Webinar: 2020 Sucked. Your Marketing in 2021 Doesn’t Have To.

Mark Huber

We’re hosting a webinar

If you haven’t heard the news from us, Lindsay Lohan or David Hasselhoff, then you probably aren’t following (or connected to) the right people on LinkedIn.

We’re hosting a webinar called “2020 Sucked. Your Marketing in 2021 Doesn’t Have To” on December 8th.

And aside from trying to forget all the bad things that have happened so far in 2020, we want to help you forget about bad demand generation tactics your target audience doesn’t like either.

We’re making a few promises to you, our target audience:

  1. We won’t be pushing our product onto you
  2. We will make it actionable for you
  3. We will make it fun if you attend (or watch the recording)

Why should you attend this webinar?

Most pre-pandemic webinars weren’t very good and they haven’t gotten much better during the pandemic. Which is why we’re approaching this webinar in a much different way.

We’re going to be using data from our own platform to share what we’ve seen work (and not work) in 2020.

Whether it be ad creative, specific CTAs or language to use in your ads, we’re providing you with real, actionable findings you can use for your next demand generation campaign.

We’ll also share our own predictions on trends like ungating content, using a double-funnel approach for demand generation and ABM.

Helpful webinars. Crazy new concept, right?

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