Maximizing ROI: Harnessing Experiment and Channel Count Strategies in B2B Marketing

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Henry Mann

Exploring the last six months of data, we’ve pinpointed how mixing the right number of experiments with varied channel usage can significantly enhance your advertising ROI. Notably, companies engaging in 1001-2000 experiments across two channels notched an eye-popping average ROI of 17.6. However, the strategy of “more is more” isn’t always effective. For those hitting the 5001-10000 experiments mark, the returns were less inspiring, highlighting that strategic focus trumps sheer volume.

For businesses in the early stages of experimentation (0-100 experiments), sticking to one channel yielded an ROI of 6.6, proving sometimes simple is best. But as you ramp up (101-500 experiments), one channel can still deliver a solid ROI of 9.47. The sweet spot for those conducting 500-1000 experiments? Two channels, pushing ROI to 12.6.

Here’s a framework you can apply:

  1. Assess Your Current Performance: Start by evaluating your current campaigns across different channels to establish baseline metrics such as ROI and engagement rates.
  2. Define Experiment Goals: Set specific objectives for each experiment, whether it’s increasing engagement, lead quality, or exploring new markets.
  3. Scale Experimentation Gradually: Begin with a manageable number of experiments, like 100-500, focusing on one channel to maintain control and clear analysis. Monitor performance and scale up cautiously.
  4. Optimize Channel Mix: Based on initial results, experiment with adding a second channel. Our findings suggest that two channels often provide optimal ROI, especially in the 500-2000 experiment range.
  5. Monitor and Adjust: Use the data from each phase of experimentation to tweak and enhance your approach. As your experiments grow, continuously refine your channel strategy to prevent diminishing returns.

Curious to optimize your own strategy with these insights? Dive into the detailed analysis and discover how to fine-tune your marketing for maximum impact in the full blog post here.

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