Multivariate Testing for Demand Generation Results

Gil Allouche
Gil Allouche

Why are B2B companies increasingly seeking to conduct multivariate ad testing? In our last blogs, we pointed out what the strategy is, and how it’s done. Here are some additional reasons why companies invest in multivariate testing, and why they get such great returns on their investments.

Sorting Out Channels

As a business, you have many options for attracting and communicating to your customers. In the old days, it was mainly the yellow pages, print coupons and word-of-mouth. Add radio and TV, and today’s social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as email and other channels that utilize mobile devices. Simply put, you have to figure out how messages should stream across these diverse channels.

Multivariate testing accomplishes this well. It looks at every message and its makeup and layout, but it also analyzes competing channels. If you’re going to get more conversion from a Facebook post that you would from a tweet, multivariate testing can figure that out for you, so that you always place a message in the appropre channel.

 Crafting Your Message

Writers also know that the blank page is a chaotic place. There are infinite ways to write a communication to a customer. How long should a message be? What kind of tone should writers use?

 Solving Creativity Puzzles

Everybody’s talking about the user experience these days – marketing gurus and executives are recognizing that one of the best ways to compete as a business is to enhance your user experience. In demand generation, this means delivering your offers in a user-friendly and attractive format, one that draws them in and entices them to view ad respond to your message.

The trick, though, is that you never quite know which types of imagery will attract people, and which ones will confuse them or turn them off to the business. Online marketing is a tricky thing – in analyzing what’s sticky and what’s attractive to a target audience, there’s lots of nuance and detail. Multivariate testing helps marketers sort through the ‘noise’ and find the ‘signal,’ and that has immense value for nearly any kind of company.

Realize the Benefits of Multivariate Testing

Most businesses simply don’t have the in-house skills and resources to come up with a complex multivariate ad testing plan.

This isn’t done with a simple workstation or algorithm – it’s done with a sophisticated software platform that intelligently applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct multivariate experiments at a velocity and scale that cannot be matched by in-house marketing staff or agencies.

The Metadata closed-loop demand gen platform and associated managed services enable B2B firms to realize the benefits of multivariate testing. We look at a particular client’s needs and build a program that will get you the actionable intelligence that drives your business forward. Think about using these services to dramatically improve your business in 2018, get more market share, improve lead conversion rates and fill the top of your sales funnel.

Want to learn more? Let us know if we can help you add multivariate testing to your demand gen efforts!

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