Webinar – Account-Based Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Gil Allouche

Feb 28, 2018

Account-based marketing (ABM) is rapidly changing the way marketing and sales departments communicate, personalize content, and target ads. Are your tools aligned with your ABM strategy in order to take best advantage?

We teamed-up with OutboundWorks Co-founder and CRO Ben Sardella for a webinar exploring the latest successes and most innovative tools for Account-Based Marketing and Sales.

Getting to deep insights and laser-targeted programs may seem exhausting considering the amount of data that we can collect today. Luckily, machine learning can vastly reduce the time and effort required to test, extract knowledge, grow and improve your pipeline.

In this webinar, we discussed highly precise and efficient ways to boost B2B demand generation and sales engagement. We show you how to:

  • Optimize ads for ABM
  • Improve precision targeting using Machine Learning
  • Ramp up your sales by using lookalike audiences
  • Build rapport with 3 tiers of account personalization
  • Using your subject to get your emails opened

Click here to view this informative webinar from Metadata and OutboundWorks!:

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