Webinar – B2B Demand Generation on Auto-Pilot at Knowi

Gil Allouche

Feb 28, 2018

Account-based marketing (ABM) is rapidly changing the way marketing departments communicate, personalize content, and target ads. Knowi, who provides a business intelligence platform for the enterprise, wanted to take advantage of these advancements and align their tools with their ABM strategy.

They used Metadata’s improved targeting within their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to increase high quality conversions and drive new revenue opportunities.

In this on-demand webinar we explore Knowi’s story, share a blueprint for a closed-loop ABM process, and outline highly effective steps you can take to implement your ABM program; including how to:

  • Optimize ads for ABM

  • Improve precision targeting using Machine Learning

  • Ramp up your sales by using lookalike audiences

We hope you find it informative!

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