What Machine Learning Means for Our Future

Gil Allouche

Dec 28, 2017

We are on the cusp of the next cultural and technological revolution as predictive marketing evolves, and machine learning becomes the future of marketing. But are machines in the forecast for the future of account-based targeting? 

And what does B2B marketing artificial intelligence mean for our future as a whole? Smart questions for humans to ask. To get a clear picture of what comes next, we need to understand what machine learning means for our future:

1. Machine learning is advertising’s next big thing

I can write all day that “machine learning is advertising’s next big thing.” See “machine learning is advertising’s next big thing.” I can copy and paste that sentence and say it every time you see me. But if you don’t understand the context for how we got here, those words will simply stay words without any meaning.

Let’s get the help of Carl Sagan to bring context to this conversation:

“You have to know the past to understand the present.

– Carl Sagan

Years ago, your customer would see something on the big screen. But billboards (like the one you see above) are not often relevant or targeted to your customers because of a little something called the Internet. The internet allows your customers to browse, research, and purchase online – just like you!

Traditional advertising (e.g., billboards) are a siloed approach. It’s like casting a wide net in the ocean to see what you’ll find. You’re hoping to catch some sea bass, maybe some tuna, but your net is empty. And the worst part is you get stuck in an empty net.

What a sad sight.

You don’t gain any meaningful insights about your customers which makes it inefficient and unscalable. Plus, you can’t optimize a wide net, which negatively impacts your net profits.

The good news is that marketing (and the technology behind marketing) has evolved. Predictive marketing means that we’re starting only to consume content that we like – which means that in the near future, we’ll see far fewer ads.

Cue the marketing machines.

Predictive marketing technology can lure in new, loyal customers without getting tangled in an empty net. Machine learning allows you to focus on the right accounts to generate interest and engagement.

While the traditional billboards are passé, digital billboards can target ads based on the car you’re driving. According to recent research by Cornell University, machine vision and deep learning are the future of advertising. The machines will just need a magnifying glass.

Look, this machine comes with one. How cute!


2. Algorithms will Evolve

Machine learning will be used for account-based marketing in 2018. According to an article in Quartz, “algorithms represent the deus ex machina of the science-fiction thriller that is real life, a plot device that makes our tools do the things they do.”

And boy, do they do the things! They allow for predictive insights that hyper-personalize your outreach. When you use the right account-based targeting, you stop gathering data from CRM and marketing automation platforms and start targeting those that look like your most ideal customer.

Algorithms are at the core of B2B marketing artificial intelligence. They allow you to have more meaningful conversations with the decision-makers who matter, which allows you to grow your business at a faster pace. When the algorithms evolve, so does your business.


3. You Can Give Your Customers What They Want

Machine learning allows marketers to apply new data and information to future scenarios, which means that you’ll know what your customers want before they do. This predictive targeting allows you to make the lives of your customers more efficient. Machine learning improves account targeting because you’re always learning about your customers, and it happens in ways that we can’t always see.

As Jeff Bezos has said in his letter to shareholders: “Much of what we do with machine learning happens beneath the surface.”

Whether you’re Jeff Bezos or the CFO of the next Amazon, you need to stay informed with smart data and insights. When you use targeted advertising to find new, qualified prospects you can boost conversion rates and optimize your paid media spends.  





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