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Gil Allouche
Gil Allouche

Today we announced our $40 million Series B funding round, led by Next47 and Resolute Ventures. While we’re excited about this news, we’re even more excited about the future and what we’re building for B2B marketers.

As a former software engineer, my marketing approach has always been rooted in experimentation.

I constantly ask myself questions like:

  • Did this campaign perform better than the other?
  • This campaign had more engagement, but did it generate more pipeline?
  • Were they big or small deals? Did they convert to revenue?
  • How much money did we spend? What was the ROI?

But most B2B marketers don’t operate as engineers do.

Many decisions are made based on intuition, hunches, and opinions without a clear scientific process or methodology. There’s too much art and not enough science.

That inability to predict outcomes made me uncomfortable. I’m used to algorithms, business logic, and predictable results.

For the average B2B marketing team today, doing this requires many technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks. It requires resources and takes a ton of time.

There are often so many tasks that B2B marketers don’t have time for what matters most: marketing strategy and creative problem-solving.

This is where AI can be a super-power for marketers. AI can easily automate so many technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks in marketing, just like it does in our personal lives.

We don’t need to plot coordinates on a paper map. We let Google figure out the best route. And sometimes, we don’t even drive our cars to the destination. We put Tesla behind the wheel.

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Ever heard of a B2B SaaS company doing a press conference? Neither did we, until now.

So why aren’t B2B marketers already using AI to do manual and repetitive work?

AI still hasn’t made its way into the everyday lives of B2B marketers. 

AI has historically been used to analyze large amounts of data, giving insights to marketers who still had to take action.

So AI ended up creating even more technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks to complete. It’s overwhelming, and things get stuck.

But what if marketers are the bottleneck in this equation? 

What if marketers aren’t best suited to analyze thousands of data points from the channels and CRM, execute experiments, and optimize hundreds of campaigns daily?

Marketers have more channels, data, and tech than ever before but only get eighteen months or less to generate demand and pipeline.

As their goals increase, marketers think they have two choices: hire a team or outsource to an agency. Either way – you’re wasting time and money by having more people do technical, mundane, and repetitive work.

B2B marketers have never had a platform that reduced the amount of these repetitive tasks while improving their performance simultaneously – until now.

Metadata is building the first marketing operating system for B2B

A traditional operating system conducts a massive number of tasks for the end-user, freeing them to focus on more valuable work. For example, computer users don’t have to figure out how to transport bits from an application to a hard drive – the system does that for them.

We’re taking the same approach at Metadata. To build an operating system that eliminates every technical, mundane, and repetitive task for B2B marketers – allowing them to focus more on strategy and creativity.

We started our journey by building a platform that can generate predictable, tangible demand by automating paid campaigns because there’s nothing more technical, mundane, and repetitive than running paid campaigns.

Today, Metadata automates everything from building target audiences, executing 1000s of campaign experiments, and then monitoring, optimizing, and fine-tuning them to what drives pipeline, all while enriching leads and providing a feedback loop of insights.

In 2021, the Metadata platform ran over 70k paid campaign experiments for our 180 customers, at an amazing 1:5 ratio of spend to pipeline. For every $1 our customers spent, they generated $5 in pipeline.

And we generated that performance while saving time for our customers. Assuming it takes at least 3 hours per campaign to set up, launch, monitor, and optimize it – our platform eliminated over 214,000 hours of work, saving over $14m in people costs.

One of our largest customers ran 12,000+ paid campaigns in six months, driving $8m in pipeline – without hiring additional people or bringing on an agency. 

And we’re not just stopping at paid campaigns either.

Metadata will sit at the center of your tech stack, orchestrating all of the activities, insights, and integrations needed to drive revenue – with massive scale and efficiencies.

Humanly impossible marketing is possible with Metadata

We’re on a mission to turn B2B marketers into superhumans.

Imagine a world where you could execute thousands of campaign experiments every month, iterate lightning-fast, and automatically apply new insights.

Imagine a world where your campaigns create themselves (audience, creative, and copy) and then optimize based on what combination creates the most pipeline at the lowest cost without ever having to log into another tool?

Marketers can have this superpower. They just don’t realize it’s possible yet unless they have Metadata.

The marketers who embrace and harness the power of AI will become more productive, spend more time doing high-value work and drive better results. And they’ll be the ones who get promoted and continue growing their companies.

Today’s a big day for demand gen marketers

Thank you to every one of our customers, employees, partners, investors, and advisors. We’re embarking on a journey to truly disrupt B2B marketing and are inviting you to come along on the ride with us.

Join us on March 17th for a one-hour press conference where we’ll explain what an “Marketing Operating System” means, why the time is now, and how this will make life easier for B2B marketers.

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Ever heard of a B2B SaaS company doing a press conference? Neither did we, until now.

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