Episode 1: Godard Abel, Manny Medina, and Mark Organ

Gil has an intimate discussion with three successful CEOs who each were instrumental in creating massive software categories: Marketing Automation, CPQ / Cash-to-Quote, and Sales Engagement! Panelists for this episode include:

  • Godard Abel – Founder of G2, and creator of “CPQ” and “Cash to Quote” categories”
  • Mark Organ – Founder of Eloqua, and creator of the “Marketing Automation” category
  • Manuel Medina – Founder of Outreach.io and creator of the “Sales Engagement” category

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You’ll walk away from this episode knowing…

  • Why your customers are actually the ones who define your category
  • Why you need to be different in every way possible, and…
  • Why strong competition is one of your best assets


You’ll also learn about Manny’s first meeting with a major analyst firm, Godard’s run-in with the law, and Mark’s first run at entrepreneurship.

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