Episode 2: Ilya Volodarsky and Nicolas Vandenberghe

In our second episode, Gil has an enlightening discussion with two more successful CEOs who each were instrumental in creating massive software categories: Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Revenue Acceleration!

Panelists for this episode include:

  • Ilya Volodarsky – President of Segment and instrumental in creating the CDP category
  • Nicolas Vandenberghe – CEO of Chili Piper and orchestrator of the Revenue Acceleration Platform category

Or watch the video

You’ll walk away from this episode learning…

  • How the original idea for Segment was in the education-tech space
  • Why Chili Piper thought their category name should be Buyer Enablement, and
  • How to infuse real humanity into your business while staying focused on growth.


You can also play “six degrees of separation from Guillaume Cabane” to see how he’s a common thread in all of these stories!

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