Episode 10: Kris Rudeegraap and Amitabh Sinha

In our tenth episode, Gil talks about category creation with two people that are making waves in the desktop cloud computing and business gift-giving categories.

Panelists for this episode include:

  • Kris Rudeegraap, CEO, Sendoso and one of the pioneers in creating the corporate gifting / direct mail automation categories
  • Amitabh Sinha, CEO, Workspot, and one of the pioneers in the remote desktop category

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You’ll walk away from this episode with an understanding of:

  • The benefits of focusing on category creation from day one
  • How to pitch a new category to investors by using an anchor or proxy
  • The different metrics for measuring the success of a newly created category


Kris tells us why he decided to travel to 30 different countries while founding Sendoso.