Episode 9: Dan O’Connell and Keith Messick

In our ninth episode, Gil Allouche talks about startup building and category creation with two experienced B2B operators who made huge impacts on the cloud communication and product/feature management categories.

Panelists for this episode include:

  • Dan O’Connell, CRO of Dialpad and influencer of the Conversational Intelligence category
  • Keith Messick, SVP of Marketing at LaunchDarkly and influential in the Feature Management Platform category

Or watch the video

You’ll walk away from this episode with great insights around:

  • Why it’s a bigger risk to not swing for the fences than it is to even work at a startup, which is risky to begin with
  • When, why, and how to ignore advice from your VC
  • How even the most mundane estimates in a forecasting model can throw you completely off



Dan recounts one of his biggest missed opportunities when it came to owning a movement before everyone started working from home: #workfromanywhere.


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