Are Analyst Relations Worth It? Our Forrester Wave Experience

Analyst relations…a useful path to establishing your reputation, or an outdated, overpriced avenue that’s not worth exploring?

As with most things in marketing, it’s pretty subjective. But in this episode of Demand Gen U, Alex Virden, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Metadata, joins Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at Metadata as they discuss whether analyst relations are worth it in 2022.

Jason and Alex break down analyst relations in layman’s terms and detail Metadata’s experiences with the Forrester Wave. They also outline the alternatives they are exploring to maximize their exposure.

Find out:

  • Jason’s summary of analyst relations
  • All about Metadata’s category challenge
  • How Metadata became involved in the Forrester Wave

For more analyst relations advice from Jason and Alex, tune in to the full episode.

Three top takeaways:

Takeaway 1: Waves don’t work for versatile companies

If you’re a company that offers a number of products or services, being pigeonholed by a report such as the Forrester Wave or Gartner’s Magic Quadrant may serve as an inaccurate representation of your brand.

Your brand may be building different products in different areas and it isn’t accurate for you to be judged on just one of them, especially if you’re new in that space.

Takeaway 2: There are alternatives to dedicated analyst relations

Metadata employs a lot of boots-on-the-ground tactics to amplify our voice.

Building a solid customer community, creating more quality content, and growing employee advocacy are all great ways to boost your brand’s reputation without turning to analyst relations.

Takeaway 3: Create a community

Metadata’s strategy is to build engagement with solid B2B marketing practitioners. Jason explains that the brand wants to give B2B marketers countless reasons to continue to engage through helpful content.

He explains that Metadata will approach an alternative to analyst relations by continuing to build a community and produce high-quality content. If you do community right, the commercial benefit follows.

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