Emma Stratton Shows How to Tell a Good Company Story

Messaging is a crucial part of how brands come across to their audiences.

But how do you balance now with the future when presenting your story?

In this episode of Demand Gen U, Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, is joined by Emma Stratton, Founder and CEO of Punchy.

Emma provides her top tips for cutting through the noise as a brand and explains how to balance your present-day messaging with your brand’s future plans.

Plus, she outlines her definition of positioning, messaging, strategic narratives and more.

Find out:

  • Why some brands need strategic narratives and others don’t
  • Tips on using emotion to fuel your messaging
  • How Punchy put together strategic narratives

For more of Emma’s insights on telling a strong company story, tune into the full episode.

Three top takeaways:

Takeaway 1: You can’t always muscle your way to the top

Emma believes the brand that gets closest to the customer and what they care about is most likely to come out on top.

In your messaging, don’t overplay what you do.

Instead, ask your client: “Where are you now? And where is the wonderful place I can take you?”

Even if you’re starting small, talk about what you have. Then, when you have your ‘ta-da’ moment, like a product launch or new direction, people will already know about it.

Takeaway 2: Don’t oversell

If you head in with a colossal, transformative narrative, your clients might be a little taken aback.

They will often be looking for one or two solutions – not total transformation.

Plus, avoid the overuse of buzzwords. Too many too often will take away from your unique message, making you blend in.

Takeaway 3: Emotional language packs a punch

At Punchy, Emma promotes the idea of using emotion in strategic narratives and messaging.

If you keep things as grounded and personal as possible, it lets you do one thing all marketers should strive for – to not sound like a marketer.

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