Learning and Growing as a Marketing Leader

It’s no secret…being a marketing leader can be hard. No matter what study you’re looking at, it feels like the average job tenure for marketing leaders gets shorter and shorter by the month.

Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing and Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at Metadata, get vulnerable on this episode of Demand Gen U.

Mark asks Jason about everything that comes with being a marketing leader and invites him to share the challenges he has faced through his career.

Find out:

  • How Jason has grown as a marketing leader
  • The benefits of building strong relationships in marketing teams
  • How to take feedback as a marketing leader

Three top takeaways:

Takeaway 1: Challenge obvious priorities

Much of the time, performance, tactics and other hands-on work take up the bulk of marketing leaders’ time.

But it’s OK to take time to focus on how your team are doing.

Throughout his time at Metadata, Jason has been able to take a step back and change his approach to better serve his colleagues.

He believes marketing leaders need to be OK with challenging traditional priorities and shifting focus to the team.

Especially in a startup, things can move so fast, so simple things like morale, team building and just good, old-fashioned happiness in the workplace can be left behind. But it’s so important!

Takeaway 2: Take care of your team

This leads on from the last point. If you don’t put your team’s needs first, things can go wrong.

Jason says: “If the team isn’t taken care of, I don’t get to work with the team. There’s no world I want to live in where that happens.”

At the end of the day, we all want to be happy at work. We want to feel like our needs are prioritized and our colleagues genuinely care about us and our wellbeing.

Plus, if we are happy during the working day, we are going to do better work! It’s as simple as that.

Takeaway 3: Professional and personal growth are linked

Especially nowadays, with many of us working from home, personal issues can seep into the working day and vice versa.

As long as we can acknowledge this and stay understanding of each other…it’s all good!

There is no real work-life and home-life anymore. They’re one and the same!

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