How B2B Brands Can Stand Out on LinkedIn

Every B2B brand wants to stand out on LinkedIn.

They just don’t know where to get started. So they shoot for the moon, thinking their accounts need to sound like Wendy’s or Taco Bell. Or maybe we’re just hungry right now. 

We’ve seen our fair share of LinkedIn blunders from going radio-silent to posting outdated memes to using a leave-it-to-the-intern strategy.

Get an inside look at how we’ve worked hard to get our LinkedIn company page to stand out over the last 18 months.

Tune in to this DGU episode to find out: 

  • The top mistakes B2B brands make on LinkedIn
  • Why the one-size-fits-all approach never works
  • How to experiment and find your company voice

Three top takeaways: 

Takeaway 1: Give away your best stuff before asking for anything in return

We only talked about Metadata when we started posting on our company LinkedIn page.

“Check out our new blog, register for this webinar, and look at this award we just one.”

And like most B2B brands, we learned this lesson the hard way. Spoiler alert: your buyers don’t care. 

They want to get better at their own jobs and need help. So we cut up the best of content we had and turned them into social posts without forcing people to leave LinkedIn.

When you consistently do this, your buyers will sign up for just about anything you ask them to. 

Takeaway 2: Know your audience better than anyone else

Yes, every B2B marketer (hopefully) already knows this. But this matters more than ever when it comes to your company pages.

B2B brands that stand out on social know which topics are most relevant, which words to use (and avoid), and which jokes will land. They know their audience inside and out.

Yes, we market to marketers at Metadata. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take a similar approach at your own company. 

Talk to your customer advisory board, set up time with your best customers, and follow your buyers on social. The feedback loops are endless and they’re right in front of you.

Takeaway 3: Balance education with entertainment

We posted a ton of funny stuff at first without thinking about how to find the right balance in what we were sharing.

Did people enjoy our posts back in 2021? Of course. 

Could they tell you what Metadata actually did or how Metadata could help them in their own role? Probably not.

Our north star was to become the B2B brand on LinkedIn that people followed to get better at demand gen and have a few laughs in their day. That’s our brand.

Through experimentation, we learned how to blend helpful content with the hilarious stuff that got people to stop what they were doing and laugh. It’s all about balance.

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