Demandbase + Engagio: ABM Consolidation is Here

Gil Allouche
Gil Allouche

The ABM category is consolidating.

Today, Demandbase announced that it’s acquiring Engagio, and it comes as no surprise. As the default leader in ABM, Demandbase looks to innovate and unify its platform, and Engagio is a piece of that puzzle, providing that account-level view that makes Engagio unique.

The recent addition of a seasoned SVP of engineering from Oracle (shout out to Supreet) puts them at “Toyota” status: reliable, popular, and legacy technology.

We should expect more acquisitions in the space, as more incumbents look to become an “all in one” unified platform and roll-up others onto it. See Terminus’ (Ramble, Sigstr) and I expect IVP/6Sense to be active as well.

As new technologies will emerge, some from B2C tech – the need for a central command and control station grows and becomes more vital.

Twelve years ago, Demandbase disrupted the marketing space with a new way for an old paradigm. The goal was to denounce the old way of “lead generation” and look at accounts as “markets of 1”. Solid idea, but with an OK execution – as many problems started to appear.

The primary problem has been the human element – a technology is only as good as its user. You can give the best technology, data, content and creative to a mediocre marketer, and you will get mediocre results. This problem still exists and is the main limitation of account-based marketing as it stands.

The secondary problem is data – ML is only as good as the data behind it. Dozens of data providers with different taxonomies, regions covered and unique attributes made it impossible for the average user to make sense of it all. Thankfully, Zoominfo is leading the charge to become the master database of the B2B targeting landscape.

While ABM consolidates into fewer players, new categories arise. The intersection of AI, Data and RPA (e.g. UiPath & Automation Anywhere) creates a perfect environment for autonomous marketing technologies: platforms that can operate many of today’s mundane and repetitive marketing tasks at a speed and scale that humans simply can’t.

Autonomous execution is the new wave of automation. Instead of relying on the human element as the primary operator of the sales and marketing technologies – AI and experimentation are driving the car, increasing the accuracy and versatility of execution, and freeing up time for the marketer to focus strategic and creative tasks.

It’s the difference between Toyota and Tesla. The future of the marketing technology landscape is autonomous at its very core.

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