February 2021 – Customer Newsletter

Mark Huber

Yes, it’s March 10th. And yes, this is the February customer newsletter. We know.

It’s a few days late because we’ve been working on a big website redesign. New messaging, new website, new everything.

You’ll be the first to know when it goes live. We’re really excited about it.

Monthly Customer Spotlight: Corelight

Corelight provides security operators unparalleled visibility across their virtual security networks. The startup’s software, cloud, and virtual sensors allow customers to monitor network traffic and detect potential cyberattacks before they start.

Corelight became a first-time Metadata customer last year as Jaimie Bakas, their Senior Manager of Digital Demand Marketing, joined their team.

Prior to Jaimie coming onboard, Corelight didn’t have the headcount they needed to launch and manage paid campaigns efficiently.

Corelight hosted a number of exceptionally well-received virtual events last year, including network security “capture the flag” races and on-demand webinars.

With the high-touch nature of these events, it was critical that Corelight target audiences have the opportunity to connect with Corelight’s security experts. However, doing so at a reasonable cost proved to be a challenge.

Corelight’s team was able to achieve CPL that would otherwise have taken hours to manually achieve by using Metadata’s ad budget optimization.

This made it easier for Corelight to budget for each event after their return on ad spend became so predictable.

Although Corelight didn’t have an in-house ad-ops specialist, Metadata’s CSMs offered ideas to refine the forms’ messaging and audiences.

Matadata’s support alleviated the extra steps of building and monitoring multiple campaigns across multiple different platforms,” said Jaimie Bakas. “Their CSM’s didn’t just make recommendations, they were a true extension of my one-person team, giving knowledgeable insight into what would make the biggest impact digitally.” 

In the end, the marketing team was able to hand over fully enriched leads to their Sales team and launch campaign experiments that drove leads from target accounts and generated qualified opportunities.

So far, this campaign has created:

  • 1,400 new qualified leads
  • $800K in qualified pipeline

Product Updates

You can check out the summary of our latest product updates here.


  • 20+ enhancements and fixes
  • Target your audience on Facebook and LinkedIn with G2 Buyer Intent
  • Use graphs to see how your experiments perform over time
  • View weekly trends for your KPIs and performance metrics
  • Get more granular reporting for your campaign offers

Content from the Metadata Team

What We Learned from $15M in Spend on Facebook and LinkedIn

We published two pieces of content this week that we’re really excited about. And since you’re a customer – we want you to have it all.

Coming out of our webinar from December –  we spent more time turning the webinar into a shorter PDF guide that summarizes the key takeaways we found from analyzing $15M in spend from our customer base.

We also released the anonymized data set in Google Data Studio so you can find relevant benchmarks based on your industry and company size.

Episode 6 of B2B Category Creators with Mike Volpe, Nick Mehta and Michel Feaster

We had some serious firepower on this last episode.

If you’re anything like me – you may not have known who Michel was until listening to this.

Not only was this the best episode yet. But Michel is an absolute boss. She steals the show.

Sales and Marketing: It’s Time to Stop Pointing Fingers

Sales and Marketing have always been a bit of an odd couple – think Tom and Jerry.

Sales people tend to have Type A personalities and us Marketers tend to be Type B.

Check out what Jason Widup has to say on how what you can do at your company to turn Sales and Marketing into a power couple.

Mark @ metadata.io

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