Target G2 Audiences Directly in Metadata

We’re really pumped to announce this new integration with G2. Mostly because it makes demand marketers’ lives much easier. And that’s our goal at the end of the day.

Because of this new integration, our mutual customers can sync their Metadata and G2 accounts to auto-target companies who are actively researching G2 category pages, competitor pages and vendor profiles.

So you can automatically serve ads on LinkedIn to companies who are in-market. We call that weaponizing your intent data.

But it gets better. Based on the lookback window you set (up to a full year) – Metadata will dynamically add and remove accounts from this audience in LinkedIn if they’re no longer showing intent on G2.

This means you can get off the .CSV export/import hamster wheel and stop worrying about your G2 Intent Data getting stale in your campaigns.

Customizable Attribution is Finally Here (in Beta)

We’re actively working to improve on this Beta release. Reach out to Customer Support if you have questions on how to get started. 

There’s no such thing as one size fits all marketing attribution. We’re marketers so we get it too. 

By adding customizable attribution to the Metadata platform, we want to give you flexibility so you can further define which opportunities can be credited to your Metadata campaigns.

You can now choose from the following attribution models in the Metadata platform:

Add Intro Fields on Your Facebook Lead Ads 

You can now add two new fields (Offer Header and Offer Details) if you’re using Facebook Lead Ads.

We recommend using these two new fields to give your audience more context on what exactly they’re getting by completing the form.

Reporting Enhancements

We’re determined to make it as easy as possible for you to get to the metrics you need in the Metadata platform.

As part of this release, we added Cost-per-MQL and Cost-per-Opportunity across your multivariate reports.

This gives you the visibility you need to see if you’re on track to hit your targets.

UI Enhancements

Two noticeable (and very handy) updates on the UI front.

We’ve added quick date filters so you can easily filter any view by common date ranges like trailing seven days, trailing 14 days and month-to-date to name a few. The end goal here is to get you to specific views in less time and with fewer clicks.

You can now view audience criteria directly within the campaign wizard so you can be sure you’re adding the right audience to your campaigns, without having to click back to another screen.

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