Unlocking B2B Account-Based Marketing on Facebook

Gil Allouche

Dec 18, 2019

Facebook’s B2B Problem

Marketers have to decide where they want to spend their budget, and that’s a big question when you have so many channels and sources to choose from: Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and Facebook just to name a few. For B2B marketers, the decision will usually come down to where their best prospects are likely to be and where they can target their dollars effectively. Linkedin and Google usually float to the top, which are two of the primary channels for B2B marketing. But what about tapping into Facebook’s huge audience?

When targeting for B2B, LinkedIn and Google have always been more popular and effective than Facebook, because of their more specific business targeting capabilities. For example, in LinkedIn you can target by your prospect’s title, department, industry, company size, location, etc. In Google PPC, you can bid on terms that you know your prospects will be searching for. And in Google Display, you can target based on things like search buying intent, retargeting, and some business attributes. Sure, you can do some of this in Facebook; however, most users aren’t adding that information to their profile.

Marketers are generating a lot of interest and demand by advertising their products on Facebook because of how easy it is to get people to convert from newsfeed and lead gen forms, but B2B marketers are being left behind. This is because the vast majority of Facebook revenue comes from B2C marketers, which is who Facebook tailored their product to. Because the native targeting tools are limited, it only leaves B2B markers with one viable option, which is having to manually upload their own custom audience into Facebook. The problem with this is that most B2B marketers have a database filled with business email addresses, while most people signed up with Facebook using personal emails, resulting in a match rate under 5%. This leaves you left with 3 bad options on the table; you can over-advertise to people who don’t care, you can reach only 5% of the people you want to target, or you can ignore the channel completely. None of those are going to help you hit your revenue or MQLs goals.

Solving B2B on Facebook

metadata.io can unlock ABM on Facebook for you by bringing B2B targeting to the channel. With our platform, you can now target on Facebook by title, industry, company size, company name, contact, seniority, department, location, and the tools in their tech stack. If an account shows intent for your product, metadata.io will find the correct contacts and translate that audience into personal email addresses, business email addresses, mobile device IDs, cookies, and IP addresses. metadata.io will use these pieces of information to identify and match the correct contacts on Facebook, with an average 40% match rate, resulting on average in a 10x increase in reachable audience (which we believe is the highest possible today in a B2B setting), without sacrificing quality.

Once the platform has identified your target prospects, we run dozens to thousands of multivariate tests, operational tasks, and paid digital campaign optimizations in real time to ensure marketing investments provide positive ROI and desired results. metadata.io is the future of B2B marketing.


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metadata.io is a B2B ABM orchestration platform that uses AI to optimize campaigns to outcomes that CMOs care about, at unbelievable scale. Metadata’s patented AI operator leverages your existing technologies to identify your ideal cusomer profile, build lookalike and named-account custom audiences, then automatically deploy campaigns at scale to deliver a predictable, qualified inbound lead flow. Customers like Nutanix, Splunk, Zoom, G2, and Zendesk trust Metadata as their ABM technology partner.

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