Introducing The Contenders: Category Creation with Gil Allouche

October 13, 2020, Meg Shriber

Welcome to my new podcast

How would you like to learn directly from those who defied the status quo and created what didn’t already exist? 

For us founders who read “Play Bigger” and watch the likes of Salesforce create and dominate an entire category, learning the non-romantic overnight story, getting the #fail moments, overcoming adversity, and discovering hidden absolute truths is the best schooling.

I wanted to have conversations about the untold secrets and backroom deals, and learn straight from the entrepreneurs who have created their own categories successfully. On the flip side, I also wanted to cover some big #failcon type of moments where category creation did not happen successfully.

Bringing innovation to the market can be unchartered territory. We expose the challenges and missteps our guests face, and provide intimate tools that listeners can walk away with to achieve success.  

What we’ll learn

This podcast is a candid conversation between friends, including several of the industry’s best category creators in the tech and SaaS industry. If nothing else, this podcast looks to demystify the overcrowded term “category creation” and supercharge it with tools, processes, and life lessons.

Get comfortable, grab a drink (its mandatory), and join us as we discuss the highs and the lows of category creation – the battle scars, the triumphs and and many laughs! 

Here’s a preview of our first panel of guests:

Episode 1 Group

Mark Organ – Founder of Eloqua, Influitive, and creator of the “Marketing Automation” category
Godard Abel – Founder of G2, BigMachines, and SteelBrick. Creator of “CPQ” and “Cash to Quote” categories
Manuel Medina – Founder of and creator of “Sales Engagement” category is a B2B marketing software startup that is defining a new category, and shares its learnings along the way. Stay tuned for the next episode.