How SocialChorus Generated $6M in Revenue Using Metadata

The Company

SocialChorus is a platform that creates one place to plan, create, publish, and measure employee communications. When they were first founded, they were helping companies connect with their internal brand ambassadors. But after working with their first 50 enterprise customers, they realized that companies were looking for more: to find ways to connect with every worker. They transformed their platform into a personalized workforce communications experience, now with more than two million employees.

The Challenge

SocialChorus was looking for the best way to effectively execute their account-based marketing strategy and penetrate target accounts across their Ideal Customer Profile. They were not just looking for account engagement and lead quantity, but they wanted account conversions, within their Ideal Customer Profile.

The Solution

After considering other ABM platforms, SocialChorus landed on Metadata to deliver on their strategy.

Metadata first analyzed their historical opportunity data to deliver an ideal customer profile report for targeting.

They then used that ICP to create an audience in MetaMatch to target with persona-based messaging/creative on LinkedIn and Facebook.

They ran these ads against their ICP audience as multivariate tests to optimize for conversion rates and opportunity creation.

In the first 90 days, SocialChorus saw the highest number of leads and the lowest cost-per-lead they’ve had. Within six months, they saw 70 new influenced opportunities and $1M in new revenue from their ad campaigns.

With Metadata, they were able to test and automatically optimize multiple versions of ad creative, assets, and audiences to steadily increase their conversion rates from 7% to 28%+.

Since becoming a Metadata customer, SocialChorus has seen an increase of 851x in ROI for influenced pipeline, 122x ROI for closed-won opportunities, and 24x on triggered pipeline at an average CPL of $29, generating $6M in closed-won revenue.

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