How SocialChorus Generated $6M in Revenue

24X Increase in pipeline created
6M Revenue generated
122X Return on investment


SocialChorus was looking for the best way to execute their ABM strategy and get in front of their target accounts on paid social. They needed to generate engagement conversions from defined target accounts that met their ideal customer profile.


Metadata first analyzed SocialChorus’ historical opportunity data and created a best-fit customer profile to target on paid social.

Using this best-fit customer profile, they ran multivariate experiments using different audiences, ads and messaging on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the first 90 days, SocialChorus saw the highest number of leads and the lowest cost-per-lead they’ve ever had. Within six months, they saw 70 new influenced opportunities and $1M in new revenue from their paid campaigns.

SocialChorus was now able to test and automatically optimize multiple versions of audiences, ad creative, and content, steadily increasing their conversion rates from 7% to 28%+.

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