3 Reasons for B2B Agencies to Partner With Metadata

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Yoel Israel

Digital marketing agencies, by definition, help their clients optimize their digital marketing assets and campaigns through online strategy, and tools.

But when it comes to expediting manual tasks and automating processes, a little bit of AI can go a long way. Metadata provides a full platform that includes MetaMatch, in addition to campaign automation, experimentation, and optimization.

That’s why Metadata is a match made in digital heaven for agencies like mine, Wadi Digital, a full-service digital agency specializing in paid acquisition, SEO, and influencer marketing for B2B tech companies.

But before we get into other Metadata services that WadiDigital is adopting, let’s talk about MetaMatch, the audience building tool in Metadata. 

MetaMatch is Metadata’s patented personal-to-corporate identity graph that allows marketers to build laser-focused audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with a higher match rate. MetaMatch is based on email addresses, not cookies or IP addresses. 

MetaMatch “pays for itself”

MetaMatch is absolutely amazing, because it is the one thing, no matter what, that pays for itself.

For any B2B company, you’re able to get LinkedIn targeting with Facebook costs per clicks, and people know that Facebook’s costs for clicks are only a fraction of LinkedIn’s CPCs.

LinkedIn is able to charge so much because its targeting is superior. So you’re getting the best of both worlds: You can use LinkedIn fine targeting AND use it on Facebook and other platforms.

Therefore, we’re able to save a lot more money, and our clients gain quick ROI for MetaMatch. We’re planning to use Metadata soon for other clients.

metamatch example

3 reasons why Metadata helps agencies

Reason #1: Extending clients’ ad spend

Metadata helps agencies because we’re able to make our clients’ ad spend go further.

We’re able to get more leads at a better price because we’re able to do better costs per click. We’re also able to get more touchpoints for our clients because we wouldn’t have been able to target them on different platforms –  now we can.

The buyer’s journey in B2B is often long and complicated. You need dozens of touchpoints at different parts of the funnel, on different platforms, and need to serve them different content throughout.

Metadata allows us to easily do that and help our clients. This is something that needs to be strategized together with the agency.

Natively, LinkedIn is the best channel to target B2B buyers. We all know it. And most of all, they know it. And they price accordingly.

But channel diversification is key to getting more mileage out of your budget. And you always want to look for diversification that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Reason #2: Saving time for agencies and their customers

We save a lot of time for huge spend accounts by creating a lot of campaigns much faster and being able to test them across multiple platforms, in one visible way.

If you were to set up the same campaign now on LinkedIn or Facebook, you’d have to use a third-party tool to export that data and compare it.

But imagine that in one place on Metadata, we can see the different results from the exact same content, on the same screen and are able to compare what led to more pipelines for our clients.

Reason #3: Added value over in-house marketing

The great part about working with an agency is that we have extensive experience working with dozens of clients at the same time. We’re able to take that knowledge, cross-pollenize it, and apply it to our clients’ accounts.

That’s something that even the best-paid team in-house doesn’t have experience with.

This is the great thing about working with an agency.

If your agency is working together with Metadata, you have the best of the strategy, the KPIs, and long-term planning, along with much cheaper, better reach, and better audience targeting. You also get intent targeting not only on Google search, which is very important and very hard to do otherwise.

Best platform for B2B tech clients

We chose Metadata because we found it is the best platform for Wadi Digital to use for our B2B tech clients. Our clients have the most advanced technology in the world in Cybersecurity, AI, Big Data, Medtech, etc. It is great for all company sizes, from startups to unicorns to public companies.

Their customer service is phenomenal and their technology is specifically tailored for marketers and advertisers in the B2B space.

I found that other platforms that I looked into, even though they all had their strengths, were not the best for agencies that need to create top advertising campaigns across platforms, see the data, and optimize accordingly. 

It’s by far the best way to help improve our clients’ pipeline.

The agency advantage

The data that we get enables us to see everything in one place, across all platforms, and more specifically, who is engaging with what.

I find it’s best that your agency manages your Metadata and not leave it in the hands of someone in-house. It’s easy to just look at the numbers themselves, and forget about the in-depth comprehension, consumption, and psychology of each platform. A deeper understanding of how the platforms are used is imperative.

An agency like ours should take care of everything from A to Z. Because we have more familiarity with it. We already have the necessary working relationship and engagement with the Metadata team, and since we have a lot of clients using it, we are able to get tremendous support from Metadata for our clients, just as we are able to do for Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.

We have the power of strength, the economies of scale, and the knowledge and expertise to apply to our customers’ accounts and give the support needed for different platforms.

AI + Metadata: 3 key company benefits

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not meant to replace humans, but to help expedite repetitive and mundane tasks. Metadata uses AI to provide three key benefits to companies:

  1. Experiment: You can combine audiences, ads, and offers into experiments and launch thousands of campaign experiments in minutes. This saves significant time compared to having to build campaigns manually.
  2. Learn faster: Uncover insights without having to analyze and get clarity on what works, what doesn’t, and why. You can immediately apply new insights to your campaigns.
  3. Scale: Get your best-performing campaigns in front of your target audience and optimize your campaigns to pipeline and revenue automatically. This helps you scale your business without adding more people to your team.

The not-so-secret weapon

Metadata is not a secret, but something that all agencies should know about. When you start to use it and understand it, you will learn why it’s such a powerful tool. We recommend that agencies and other in-house marketers work together and understand its power.

B2B Marketing + Agency + Metadata → pays for itself 💰

Yoel Israel is the Founder of WadiDigital & Cyfluencer. You can contact him for more information about how to use Metadata for agencies.

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