With 7k+ B2B Marketers Registered, Metadata’s DEMAND 2022 Is The B2B Marketing Event of the Year

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2nd annual. 30+ speakers. 7 tracks. 20+ hours of unique content. DEMAND Community launch. 3 Key Marketing OS Product Announcements. All on October 20th.

San Jose, CA, October 20, 2022 Metadata.io, the marketing operating system for B2B, announced today at their annual DEMAND event for B2B marketers, new features to help marketers better optimize  not just their paid ads but their activities across the entire funnel, as well as the launch of the DEMAND community, helping to shape the future of B2B marketing.

“We’re on a mission to turn B2B marketers into superhumans,” said Gil Allouche, Metadata CEO. “The demand for this conference proves marketers are eager to level up their game with best practices and playbooks, while getting closer to creating tangible pipeline and demand. Learning what’s working, what doesn’t, and what’s shaping the future of B2B marketing from the best is what DEMAND is about.”

Google Analytics integration, Custom Attribution, and KPIs

Metadata unveiled the integration of custom attribution and KPIs allowing marketers to track and optimize to any specific KPI they track, in addition to optimizing to pipeline and revenue. Now with Metadata, customers can create custom KPIs from any of their data sources that are integrated into Metadata. On top of this, Metadata now provides six different attribution models and completely customizes attribution, so that Metadata results align with a marketer’s system of record. Additionally, Google Analytics data is now in the Metadata platform. Customers can now not only see the impact to ad and revenue metrics, but also to behaviors and events happening on the website. Google Analytics goals can now be shown in Metadata against campaign experiments, giving marketers a clearer picture of website behavior and brand awareness. 

Web Personalization

Before today, Metadata was able to see ads across platforms, conversions of those ads, and the follow-on meeting, opportunity, and revenue data. However, there was still a piece of that funnel that Metadata didn’t see, and that’s the content on website conversion landing pages that are used with Metadata campaigns.

With the recent acquisition of the web personalization platform, Reactful, Metadata customers can now optimize conversions by personalizing web and landing pages based on site visitor intent or attributes. To help strengthen this capability, Metadata recently released a custom site pixel that translates up to 50% of anonymous web visitors to a company and up to 30% to an actual person.


Playbooks are ready-built templates designed to help marketers build the best lead generation and brand awareness campaigns using Metadata. If a marketer wants to run an ABM campaign, Metadata will walk them through a playbook to help pick account targets, select the targeting details, define the channels and workflow, then deploy the campaigns. Marketers can expect about 80% of the setup to be done by following the playbooks.

Metadata is the marketing operating system for B2B. Through AI and automation, B2B marketers use Metadata to automate technical and repetitive tasks so they can spend more time on the work that matters most: strategy and creativity. B2B marketers at Zoom, Okta, and ThoughtSpot rely on Metadata to automate their campaigns and drive more revenue.


Metadata also launched the DEMAND Community, to connect B2B marketers across industries and growth stages. The DEMAND Community is a valuable network for marketers to turn to for tactics and strategies, peer support and networking.  

Prior to today’s launch, Metadata’s initial soft launch built the community to 672 current members and 336 active participants. Community members receive a 93.8% response rate and a 95% sentiment score. Exclusive activities include weekly roundtables, quarterly in-person networking events, and monthly masterclasses taught by the best in the industry. The community also will soon launch a Women in Marketing initiative with a mentorship program. 


After last year’s successful inaugural event with 4,000 attendees, the second annual DEMAND 2022 conference takes place today with over 7,000 registrants. Today’s event highlights what growth-focused demand generation looks like in 2022 and beyond, with new ideas, perspectives, and trends paired with first-hand stories from established and emerging influencers in B2B marketing. 

Sessions on how to execute demand generation tactics that hit and exceed pipeline targets, feature:

  • Dave Gerhardt, Founder of Exit Five
  • Mike Volpe, Founding CMO of HubSpot
  • Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing at SparkToro
  • Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO of ProfitWell
  • Ty Heath, Director of Market Engagement at LinkedIn B2B Institute

To find out more information on DEMAND 2022 or to get a full recap of keynote speakers, visit https://metadata.io/demand-2022 

About Metadata

Metadata is the marketing operating system for B2B. Through AI and automation, B2B marketers use Metadata to automate technical and repetitive tasks so they can spend more time on the work that matters most: strategy, creativity, and driving revenue. B2B marketers at Zoom, Okta, and ThoughtSpot rely on Metadata to automate their campaigns and drive more revenue.

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