B2B Category Creators with Gil Allouche

In this new podcast, Gil Allouche, CEO of Metadata.io, interviews groups of founders and leaders who were instrumental in blazing the path to new software categories.

We have conversations about the untold secrets and backroom deals, and learn straight from the entrepreneurs who have built their own categories successfully.


Episode 36: Wayne McCulloch and Howard Ting
Episode 35: Anna Fisher and Garrett Mehrguth
Episode 34: Vinay Bhagat and Jeff Ernst
Episode 33: Edward Chiu and Dominique Levin
Episode 32: Garin Hess & Lars Grønnegaard
Episode 31: Jack Mardack and Mariano Suarez-Battan
Episode 29: Jascha Kaykas-Wolff and Erich Ziegler
Episode 28: Lars Nilsson and Mikita Mikado
Episode 27: David Spitz and Armando Biondi
Episode 26: Alex Poulos and Meagen Eisenberg
Episode 25: Rami Essaid and Melanie Fellay
Episode 24: Mike Zani and Allyson Havener
Episode 23: Rhonda Walker and Doug Camplejohn
Episode 22: Sydney Sloan and Latane Conant
Episode 21: Shari Johnston, Lauren Goldstein, and Cristina Saunders
Episode 20: Macario Namie and Bryan Goodwin
Episode 19: Paul Sebastien and Dan Frohnen
Episode 18: Kyle Lacy and Max Altschuler
Episode 17: Todd Olson and Andrew Waitman
Episode 16: Daniel Barber and Andy Raskin
Episode 15: Alex Collmer and Melissa Wong
Episode 14: Brendan Kamm and David Cherrie
Episode 13: Shawn Riegsecker and Robb Henshaw
Episode 12: Sahil Mansuri and Kamal Ahluwalia
Episode 11: Kyle York and Tom Wentworth
Episode 10: Kris Rudeegraap and Amitabh Sinha
Episode 9: Dan O’Connell and Keith Messick
Episode 8: Mickey Alon and James McDermott
Episode 7: Dee Anna McPherson and Joe Chernov
Episode 6: Nick Mehta, Mike Volpe and Michel Feaster
Episode 5: Elissa Fink and Udi Ledergor
Episode 4: David Cancel and Henry Schuck
Episode 3: Dave Gerhardt and Guillaume Cabane
Episode 2: Ilya Volodarsky and Nicolas Vandenberghe
Episode 1: Godard Abel, Manny Medina, and Mark Organ

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